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Film footage of departure of the Jaegersfontein. Scenes on board.


On July 10th 1941, the Jaegersfontein set sail from San Francisco. Among the passengers on board the Dutch ship were one hundred and twenty young American men and women bound for China.

They traveled as missionaries, salesmen, poets, even circus performers, disguises barely masking their true identity. They were part of a secret air force, recruited from the ranks of the military to fight the Japanese, even though the United States was not yet at war with Japan. They were called the American Volunteer Group; AVG for short.

Many of the AVG were itching to get into combat. Some were attracted by the high salaries they were offered. Others were just bored with military life during peace time. Whatever their individual reasons for going to China, their lives would never be the same.

Film footage Robert "Moose" Moss on board ship.



I'd never been outside the United States, I decided that it would be an adventure for me, at least a peep beyond the horizon for a country boy.

Film footage of P-40s in flight and in combat.


During the darkest days of the Second World War, the daring exploits of the AVG would lift the spirits of both the American and Chinese people. The Chinese would call them Fei Hu, after the shark's teeth painted on their planes. The world knew them as the legendary Flying Tigers.





The complete, printed copy of the full 90 minute script is available for order on the Purchase page.