A 60-minute version of Fei Hu: The Story Of The Flying Tigers was broadcast on PBS Monday, February 22, 1999, as part of History's Best on PBS, a weekly block of primetime programming devoted to American and world history. The original 90-minute director's cut, containing an additional 30 minutes of rare footage and interviews, is now available. You can watch a preview below:

Key Personnel

Frank Christopher is an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker who has been producing Emmy-winning documentaries for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) for more than ten years. The documentaries of Frank Christopher, including the Academy Award-nominated film, In the Name of the People, the Emmy-winning program, In the Shadow of the Law, and the recently released feature-length documentary, Fei Hu, The Story of the Flying Tigers, have been seen by television audiences on four continents. Frank Christopher produced, directed, wrote and edited Fei Hu: The Story of the Flying Tigers.

Frank Boring, American playwright and writer, was born in Taipei, Taiwan. His father, James Boring, worked with Chennault in China during the war and later in Taiwan. As the result of his father's involvement with Chennault and his own experiences growing up in Taiwan, Frank Boring was uniquely qualified to tell the story of the Flying Tigers to American and Chinese audiences. Frank Boring performed the role of producer and English-language interviewer.

Mei-ling Hsu was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and now works in Seattle, Washington as a molecular biologist. Ms. Hsu volunteered to serve as the co-producer for the film out of her deeply felt commitment to telling the story of the suffering of the Chinese people during the defense of their homeland in World War Two, which has been largely been ignored outside of China. Ms. Hsu conducted all of the Chinese-language interviews, helped with fundraising and coordinated the film production in Taiwan.